Sacked for Threatening Journalist, Uttarakhand MLA Brandishes Guns, Moves to Bollywood Beats in Video

Dehra Dun : A movie revealing sacked Uttarakhand BJP MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion dance to your Bollywood quantity with firearms and also a beverage at hands has really gone viral.

Even the un-dated nearly 2 minute-long online video employs the contentious MLA from Haridwar was suspended from the BJP for 3 weeks threatening a News18 reporter for broadcasting a narrative on a individual vehicle he had been supposedly functioning as an pilot authorities automobile.

The video clip exhibits Champion dance with increased than just two pistols along with also an automated gun, whilst cursing their nation of Uttarakhand and projecting abuses.

The BJP MLA in Haridwar district can be included at a lawful warfare with still another celebration MLA.

The BJP claimed it’s brought note of this online video. Uttarakhand celebration Device has sacked himthe country celebration will require phone further actions Towards (Champion)”

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