Drunk Man Faces Rs 1 Crore Fine and 6 Years Jail Term for Disrupting Hawaiian Airlines Flight to Korea

An individual whose behavior onto the Hawaiian Airlines trip into South Korea made it to come back to Honolulu has already been arranged to pay for the atmosphere company longer than 172,000 US bucks, or even significantly more compared to 1.2 Crore. Kyong Chol Kim has been sentenced to 6 weeks from prison for interfering with flight attendants and team members to the airport at February.

Prosecutors state that the 48-year-old south-korean man acquired a jar of whiskey until the trip and also after bothered that a kid seated alongside him. He additionally lunged in a flight shortly after the worker confronted about his behavior. US support associates board aided control Kim whilst the airport switched .

Kim has been arranged to pay for Hawaiian air companies that the fee of returning to the airport along with adapting passengers awaiting for that airplane in South Korea.

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